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Come join us at Hilton in La Jolla for drinks, light appetizers and a tech talk. Adam Wolff, an engineering manager from the Menlo Park, California office, will be giving a tech talk on Product Infrastructure at Facebook.

Facebook is known for advocating "The Hacker Way," favoring quick iterations over extensive planning and upfront investment. This approach has proved remarkably effective in helping Facebook to continue to adapt and refine its products even as its network achieves unprecedented scale.

However, this approach can admit sloppiness and short-sightedness over the long term. We must hedge against total chaos with projects dedicated to improving the APIs and frameworks that couple our products to our infrastructure. In this talk, we will define this area of "product infrastructure" and examine how groups focused on it operate within the constraints of Facebook's "Move Fast and Break Things" culture. Finally, we will explore some of our most forward-looking ideas about how Facebook's architecture might evolve to handle the requirements of a globally distributed, intermittently connected mobile network.

There will be appetizers and beer/wine starting at 6:00pm. The talk will begin at 6:30pm followed by an additional Q&A.

Parking validation for the self-parking lot at the Hilton La Jolla will be available at the event. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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